Shackle Guards

Equiplites and other soft attachments are replacing stainless shackles on race boats, and one of the reasons is the soft dyneema parts are much kinder to carbon masts and paint finishes (not to mention heads) than stainless.  Lots of boats swear by their stainless J Locks and T12 shackles, but still want to keep their carbon clearcoat intact.  I’ve seen lots of solutions like neoprene socks and giant wads of tape, but the simplest and best looking is a velcro wrap.  The lads at North made up some of these little velcro wraps which we can stitch into the line next to your shackle when ordering new sheets. They protect boats and masts as well as heads, and also protect the shackle from snagging on other parts and opening.  $12 per wrap installed on new line.