Special: New England Poly Tech 10mm Yellow $4/ft

One of the best new lines to come our way has been this great stuff: New England Poly Tech.  It’s a dyneema cored line covered with a polyester and technora cover.  Nice grip and great abrasion resistance makes it a fine choice for applications like fast moving assym sheets and high wear jib sheets.  We’ve used this size on race boats like the 40.7, Farr 40 and TP52 all with great feedback.  It’s amazing to see this stuff when it’s 2 years old as it still looking new and handling well.

The list price on this is around $6.80/ft, with the more realistic sale price being in the ~$5 range.  You can find the cover only  online for $4.75, so the completed double braid for $4 is kind of a steal.

If you want in, contact me at sales@chicagoyachtrigging.com to put together sheets, runner tails or whatever line on your boat you want to be the best!  Price is good for orders paid before March 16th.