J105 Rigging Package

Here’s a somewhat-untypical J105 rigging package,  made to match the boats crew and gear.  A well crewed boat with some older deck gear (smooth winches, larger clutches, PXR main sheet cleat)

So, the jib sheets (top) are cored with 6mm dyneema for stretch, strength and durability, which is pretty common.  Where this boats cordage is different is in the cover.  We used Alpha Ropes KMix cover, which is a blend of polyester and cordura. The cordura delivers amazing grip, decent durability and nice handling all at a price thats even with polyester.  These will stick well to tired winches, and I’d even expect to see fewer wraps.

The mainsheet is Alpha SSC, which is another entry in the blended line category started by Swiftcord.  This one has a core, which is quite nice as the line can be tapered for faster running over the blocks inside the tackle.  SSC is a great fit for this application as it’s quite firm, which will help this boats main trimmer use their Spinlock PXR cleat.  The dyneema/poly blended cover will keep handling kind, and the tough dyneema core makes for durability and long life.

The boat has the original Lewmar 10-12mm clutches, so we needed a tack line that would stick well and not be minimum size, so again it’s the cordura/poly cover of KMix.  This is over New Englands STS 75.  For the end, we just backsplice the dyneema for a good knot-tying area and call it a day.

Can’t wait to hear feedback on this order, as similar specs have worked really well in the past.

Alpha Skin Cover

Alpha Ropes Skin Cover is a great way to match your choice of cores to a high grip but mid cost cover.  It’s a blend of polyester and cordura, which places it tech and cost wise between all poly covers and something more exotic like Poly Tec or Maffioli KP cover.  Handling wise it’s higher grip than either of those, but with lower heat and abrasion resistance.

J105 and Farr40 jib sheets

I first tried this cover out two years to recover some Farr 40 jib sheets that had torn covers on winches.  Last week I had the opportunity to inspect the sheets and they look brand new and still handle great. At $.89 per foot, this is actually cheaper than trying to use even a basic poly cover, so it’s a no brainer for recovering good cores with torn covers as well as building custom cordage.

Here  is a set of simple Farr 40 jib sheets ( simple because they’re just tapered for the inhaulers as opposed to having a dyneema cover for the front 6′) and a set of tie-on J105 jib sheets.  Both are over New England STS75 cores, and the 40 sheets are prestretched. This is an especially good fit for the 105 as they have worn Lewmar winches, so the extra grip is going to allow them use fewer wraps for quicker tacks.


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